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New Mexico Democrats are building the foundation for a prosperous and inclusive New Mexico, from Farmington to Carlsbad. We’re leading the fight to diversify our economy, invest in our public schools, expand broadband access, and provide quality health care for all New Mexicans.

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Blue Opiñon Episode 10

Meet the DPNM interns! This episode features DPNM interns, current and former, as they discuss their experiences interning at DPNM.

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Trump Nods to Nazis Yet Again as NM GOP Still Enthusiastically Embraces Him

Today, the defense rested their case in Trump’s New York hush money criminal trial without the MAGA former president taking the stand. However, Trump has not been silent on the campaign trail so far this week, teasing his MAGA followers with more Nazi-inspired messaging and openness to banning contraceptives, and it’s only Tuesday. 


No-Answer Nella’s MAGA Candidate Checklist

126 days into her campaign for U.S. Senate, the multimillionaire former hedge fund executive has only doubled down on voter concerns that she’s out of touch with New Mexico.

Nella’s candidacy checks some boxes that point to being another failed MAGA candidate too extreme for New Mexico: 


DPNM Honors Former Jicarilla Apache Nation President Edward Velarde

Today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico honors the incredible life of former Jicarilla Apache Nation President and Vietnam Veteran Edward Velarde as he is laid to rest.

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