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Welcome to the
Democratic Party of
New Mexico

New Mexico Democrats are building the foundation for a prosperous and inclusive New Mexico, from Farmington to Carlsbad. We’re leading the fight to diversify our economy, invest in our public schools, expand broadband access, and provide quality health care for all New Mexicans.

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Blue Opiñon Episode 10

Meet the DPNM interns! This episode features DPNM interns, current and former, as they discuss their experiences interning at DPNM.


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No-Answer Nella Touted False  Campaign Fundraising Numbers

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Trump Doubles Down on Extreme Abortion Stance, No-Answer Nella Continues to Avoid a Real Position

Yesterday, Donald Trump gave an interview where he once again proudly took credit for the abortion bans we have seen in 21 states across the country, the majority of which have no exception for rape or incest. He also clarified his latest position on abortion, which is much more than can be said about No-Answer Nella, who refuses to take any real stance on the issue.


MAGA Mike Johnson Super PAC Backs Herrell

It is no surprise that Speaker Johnson is throwing all his support behind Herrell, he knows that she will vote for his agenda and would even help him gut social security, which thousands of New Mexicans rely on.

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