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New Mexico Democrats are building the foundation for a prosperous and inclusive New Mexico, from Farmington to Carlsbad. We’re leading the fight to diversify our economy, invest in our public schools, expand broadband access, and provide quality health care for all New Mexicans.

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Blue Opiñon Episode 10

Meet the DPNM interns! This episode features DPNM interns, current and former, as they discuss their experiences interning at DPNM.

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Watch: DPNM Chair Velasquez Video Statement on RNC and Trump Speech

Today, on the last day of the Republican National Convention, Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Jessica Velasquez released a video statement and corresponding written statement addressing the GOP’s authoritarian Project 2025 vision for another Trump term and the former President’s speech to the Convention. 


Multimillionaire Former Hedge Fund Executive Brags About Loaning Senate Campaign $1 Million Dollars

Nella Domenici is well on her way to cementing her place as the most out-of-touch candidate to run for public office in New Mexico. From making millions of dollars working on Wall Street, to living in multimillion-dollar properties in Connecticut and New York City after leaving New Mexico fifty years ago, Nella clearly doesn’t understand that most New Mexicans can’t relate to a multimillionaire former hedge fund executive.


Nella Domenici Finally Embraces Donald Trump And His Extreme GOP Agenda

Nella Domenici—multimillionaire former hedge fund executive and Donald Trump’s hand-picked GOP recruit for Senate—has confirmed to KOAT that she is attending the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee this week, where former President Donald Trump officially secured the GOP presidential nomination earlier today.